Espresso Machines

Espresso Machines

JUST BARISTA, thanks to its highly Professional approach, succeeded to establish in Lebanon, business ties with the best Italian Espresso machines manufacturers.

ORCHESTRALE: Orchestrale is the result of people who wished to unite their know-how and experience in the different fields of espresso coffee machine manufacture. Check Brochure

Orchestrale sets its target on the production of High quality design and above all made in Italy instruments for the Horeca business.

Orchestrale believes that coffee is a worldwide experience and a social cultural symbol. Orchestrale is a collection of instrument espresso machines.

JUST BARISTA is so satisfied to be the exclusive agent of Orchestrale in Lebanon.

  • Etnica: 1 GR, 2GR : Professionnal coffee and cappuccino machine in the automatic and semi automatic versions. Check Brochure
  • Etnica Display: Professionnal espresso machine at the top of its range. Automatic with covered groups and display. Check Brochure
  • Phonica 2GR: Professionnal espresso machine, dedicated to Ray Charles’life with its design. Check Brochure
  • Nota: It is the most compact Professionnal coffee machine of the Orchestrale collection. Ideally suited for small bars and cafes. Check Brochure

CIME : Perfect balance between well-advanced know-how and traditional care of the product.

Thanks to the highly experienced technicians and their attention towards new technologies, CIME is able to offer top quality products in terms of reliability, toughness and services.

Huge productive flexibility is another feature of CIME, allowing us to satisfy even our most demanding client's requests.

Welcome to CIME in Lebanon !

  • COO3 2 GR: Perfect to make a real espresso. Excellent value for money. Check Brochure
  • COO3 2 GR compact: The same main caracteristics as COO3 added to the compact design.
  • COO4 2 GR: Rounded Italian design, available in many colors. Check Brochure
  • COO5: 2GR or 3GR: Functionality and design add value to the art of knowing how to prepare a perfect espresso. Check Brochure
  • COO6: 2GR or 3GR:  Sturdiness guaranteeing a perfect performance and the bodywork completely in stainless steel. Check Brochure


Fiorenzato produces high quality coffee machines, made for an optimum deliver and the most true aroma of the Italian espresso. Check Borchure

Fiorenzato is the prestigious brand of a historical Venetian company in the market since 1936. This added to the know-how gained in the sector by the company’s staff for over 25 years.
Present in Lebanon by a partnership with JUST BARISTA, Fiorenzato succeeded to create a place for itself in the lebanese market.

Ultimate competence, undiscussable professionalism and pure passion brought Fiorenzato to study, develop and build in-house reliable, certified, user-friendly and easily maintained products, which will last forever.

  • VENEZIA 2GR ELE: The professional with the elegant design. Perfect for any sorroundings. Check Brochure
  • MURANO 2GR PUL NERO: The new professional working for the environment
  • BRICOLETTA ELE: Professional technology also for 1 group machine. Check Brochure


For more than forty years ASTORIA has been working with dedication to offer the barista the best instrument with which to serve an impeccable coffee.

Astoria is a historic brand that represents the Italian tradition of espresso coffee machines.

Today, after a long growth process, Astoria represents excellence in espresso coffee machines around the world.

Astoria think Espresso …Just Barista too in Lebanon.

  • GLORIA: Traditional coffee maker that guarantees extraordinary quality in a cup with technology and style
  • TANYA: Ideal solution for those seeking the essence of quality and the best combination of simplicity and reliability.


FABER was born from a passion for coffee and design. JUST BARISTA by its profesionnalism become the agent of one of the leaders in the coffee pod machine sector in Lebanon.

Carrefully selecting materials and conducting numerous tests to ensure the finest results.

FABER machines today represent the crown jewels of JUST BARISTA.

Ideal for houses and offices !!

  • SLOT INOX: HOME USED. Solid, compact coffee pod machines with an industrial design. Stylish addition to any room.
  • SLOT PLAST: HOME USED. A compact coffee pod machine with an avant-garde design. Perfectly into either your home and office
  • GEA BAR: Semi professional coffee pod machine. It has a soft, compact and clean profile with 2 GRoups, proving popular with the HORECA sector.