JOCO cups

JOCO cups

Now present in Lebanon! Thanks to Just Barista.

IDEAL to take your coffee or tea everywhere.

JOCO CUPS have been designed and created with an absolute passion for the little things. JOCO cups are made from high quality non porous, borosilicate glass. They are lightweight and resistant to extra changes in temperature. Their superior durability make them microwave and dishwasher safe. Glass doesn’t affect flavor so you will taste your coffee or tea, not your cup !

Small : 8oz JOCO cup (Black, red, blue, mint, lime, yellow)

Normal : 12oz JOCO cup (Black, white, red, blue, mint, lime, yellow, purple, olive, vintage blue, strawberry pink, army green, cobait blue)

16oz JOCO cup (Black, red, mint, lime, strawberry pink, army green)